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When Should You Call an Architect (and When Should That Architect be bDot)?

Updated: Apr 17

When is the right time to call an architect about building or remodeling your home, and which architect should you call?

This is a crucial question because almost nothing impacts your family as much as your home's design. In this post, we share thoughts on when you know it's time to call an architect and how to tell if bDot Architecture is right for your project.

A house built by bDot architecture

When To Call An Architect

Are you discontent or unsatisfied with your dwelling space? It could be time to call an architect. Whether you want to make the most of your current home or create something new, an architect should be your first call. So if you are ready to make your aspiration a reality, there are just 2 additional factors to consider.

  • Time

  • Money

Designing or remodeling your home requires an allocation of time and resources. You may not know how much it will take to bring your dream to fruition until you engage with an architect, but you probably know whether you are ready to spend the time and money required to create a dwelling space that fits your family. If you are ready to make that sacrifice, make the call.

How to Know bDot Architecture Might NOT Be A Good Fit

We would love to help every family develop their perfect space, but there are only so many hours in the day, and we know that not everyone aligns with our approach to architecture and design. Here are a few indicators that bDot Architecture is wrong for you.

  • Do you have an example house you'd like to copy as closely as possible?

  • Do you place so little value on aesthetics that you'd prefer to focus almost entirely on function?

  • Do you prefer basic materials and approaches, even when more interesting options cost the same?

  • Do you prefer conventional designs to new approaches?

  • Do you find the idea that your home should express something about your family silly?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, bDot Architecture might not be right for you.

The interior of a house built by bDot Architecture

When to Call bDot Architecture

We get to know our clients so that their homes can express something about who they are. We don't create "weird" designs. We create new designs that fit the homeowner. So because the home fits the family and the family fits the home, the house and design aren't weird to the people who live there. We believe a home is only strange when a family has to change their shape to fit a design created for mass production to maximize builder ease and profits.

Consider your family and aspirations for this project, then review these statements. You can even print this list and put a ✓ beside any of these that are true about you.

  • Do you desire to create something extraordinary and meaningful?

  • Do you want your home to inspire and impact others?

  • Do you want your home to balance aesthetic coherence and function?

  • Does your property present challenges that may make the project challenging?

  • Do you want to maximize your current home with a fresh and thoughtful approach to renovation or expansion?

  • Do you want your home to incorporate creative and meaningful reminders of an idea, person, or place you love?

  • Do you want a clever approach that delivers a creative solution?

  • Do you need an expert who can act as a tour guide, leading you through a simple process to achieve a complicated idea?

  • Are you open to unique ideas that align with your taste and vision?

  • Do you want to be understood so your home communicates something about who you are?

If you answered yes to more than a couple of those questions, it's worth calling bDot Architecture to discuss your project. If you answered yes to more than half, you are in for a treat. Get ready to have your expectations exceeded through a design process that values you over the product.

We can't wait to get started creating your perfect dwelling space.


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