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At bDot, we're not just a design studio; we're storytellers, crafting the narratives of our clients through the lens of architecture. Whether it's a cozy home, a cutting-edge commercial space, a state-of-the-art medical facility, or an inviting retail environment, our projects are as unique as the stories they tell.


Our journey began in 2006, driven by a passion for weaving together function, art, fiscal savvy, and environmental stewardship into every design. Our portfolio is a testament to our versatility and commitment, featuring everything from bespoke furniture and lighting to large-scale renovations and new constructions.


What sets us apart is our collaborative spirit. We believe in dialogue—engaging with clients, craftsmen, engineers, and builders to uncover innovative solutions that might not have been initially apparent. This approach allows us to not just meet expectations but exceed them, delivering spaces that resonate on a personal level and stand as a testament to what's possible when creativity meets purpose.


Brian Web.jpg


brian roberson
aia, leed-ap bd+c, iida

Favorite sport to play?

Ultimate Frisbee

Favorite time of day?

Right before the sun comes up.

Have you ever won a contest?

A beat box competition in high school.

Strangest thing in your office?

A hand puppet.

Favorite ways to relax?

Read and play my saxophones.

What books are you currently reading?

The Meaning of Art by Herbert Read

The Creative Act by Rick Rubin

Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees: Conversations with Robert Irwin

Brian is an architect, designer and musician.  He founded bDot in 2006.  He is involved in every project and believes that each building, space, product or piece of furniture has opportunities to push the boundaries of design and deserves the chance to tell a story.  He has juried several design award programs and lectured on the creative processes of music and architecture.

Mississippi State University / Bachelor of Architecture, 1995




Auburn University / Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Architecture, 2006

Dan began working with bDot in 2011 and is a highly driven designer who believes that no project is beyond the possibility of meaningful design regardless of budget.  His continued questioning of accepted design norms has manifested itself in numerous award winning buildings and furniture.

Favorite movie?

1989 Batman

Favorite color?


Beach, forest or mountains?

Beach - 50% for beach & 50% for seafood

Morning or Night?


Favorite coffee house?

Baba Java Coffee

Free time?

Wood working, bee keeping, video games




Mississippi State University / Bachlor of Architecture, 2020

Rob began working with bDot in 2023.  His design perspective and attention to detail has already made a big impact in our studio.

Favorite food?

Christmas lunch with family (beef tenderloin, Irish potato casserole and/or baked gouda grits, arugula salad, cherry charlotte, forget about it)

Favorite TV show?

Good Eats

Have you ever sold something you made?

Once I recorded a song, and it made it into a British documentary on funeral homes

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Bob Warnick

What movie has traumatized you for life?
The Conjuring + Rob on way too much caffeine + multiple days without sleep = a mess 

Favorite place to vacation?

Road-tripping to national parks




Samford University / Bachelor of Science / Minor in English, 1996

University of Alabama in Birmingham / Master of Special Education, 1999

Beth began working with bDot in 2012.  She brings a fresh literary perspective to our studio and the stories of our clients and keeps things running as smoothly as possible.

Favorite Book?

Anything by Francine Rivers since 1991

Fly or be invisible?


Giving up my phone or not eating desert again?

Give up my phone!

Favorite Holiday?


Pet peeve?

Drivers not using their turn signal.

Tiny cabin or giant mansion?

Tiny cabin

Ethel Web.jpg

Favorite food?

Whatever you're having is fine.

Climbed a mountain?

For me, jumping up to the couch is basically climbing a mountain.

If you ran a TV or streaming channel, what kinds of shows would you air?

Tutorials on professional foot licking and how-to's for coping with separation anxiety.

If your toys could talk when you aren't there, what do you think they'd chat about?

Why I don't ever play with them anymore.

Live in a tiny cabin or a giant mansion?

I mean... come on.

Buckey Web_edited.jpg

What’s your favorite emoji?

Certainly the poop emoji.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Hmmm.  Could you rephrase the question?

Do you prefer morning or night? 

Mornings around 7 when it’s time to eat first breakfast.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

A stuffed elephant’s tail.

What is your least favorite chore? 

Picking up my toys.

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