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Renovation to 2908 Pump House Road

 This renovation consisted of a  cherished landmark building nestled close to the Cahaba Heights Community. Located right off of Highway 280 on Pump House Road, the former Wales Goebel Ministries building is now newly renovated to be a corporate office space for its new owners. The thoughtful design kept the 5,300 SF landmark nestled between the trees of the wooded area for a continued neighborhood feel to the community.

Originally built in the 1940’s, the residential character of the old building still speaks.

Managing member, Russell Pate says, “The new exterior design, new landscaping, and the completely renovated interior is a great addition to the area and the community and the perfect office space for us.”

Our desire was to maintain the residential character of the building in its design, since it has been a part of the Cahaba Heights community for so long.

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