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Mountain High Outfitters

In remodeling an outdoor apparel store, the design focused on the issues of visibility, directing the store fronts toward specific traffic, and materials which speak to the clientele.  Gestures with the store front were limited to a two foot strip at the edge of the concourse. Rejecting a straight run of storefront that only tries to maximize window displays, the design sets massive frames around the displays and shifts them out toward shoppers, providing visual interest with vertical elements that help to break up the monotony with little sacrifice on the part of the retailer. 

There is some irony to shopping inside a mall for all of your rugged outdoor accessories, but our world is filled with just these kind of situations and the dichotomy proved inspirational.  From there the idea of natural materials, which could seem banal or obvious, were turned into a question about how stripped down and non-traditional the forms could become and still maintain their rustic sensibilities.  The use of reclaimed heart pine was important to both the client and designer as it gives a warm natural feel to the store. The use of river stone along the storefront sills, and charring as a finish to help differentiate the entrances, paired with a more powerful and contemporary massing, all fell in line with the notions of outdoor living without becoming too heavy-handed.  And in the interest of dichotomies as a final twist to help delineate the sales counter is a chandelier made from carabineers.   


Best of Retail, IIDA Alabama Chapter

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