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[SNAP], absent of any glue, nails, or screws, is an experimental table designed to explore a material in its purest form.  The table was designed around 3/4” cabinet grade pine plywood, creating a product from a single material in such a way that without that material the product itself could not exist. In turn, the product would reveal the strengths and characteristics inherent of the material. This is achieved through the design of the table’s details. Using plywood allowed for the workability of wood while keeping an accuracy level of 1/32” in the connections to accommodate the 23/32” thickness of plywood. The strength and bending properties of the plywood allowed for all the details of the table to be connected together through a series of members and notches. No tools are required to assemble the table; with knowledge of the correct order of assembly it only takes hand compressing some of the members to snap into the correct notches making this a perfect product to be flat packed and shipped. [SNAP] is crafted to make each piece of the table a necessity with the use of a minimal number of pieces and precision fabrication.


Merit Award, AIA Birmingham Chapter

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