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smiLe Table

The smile table is a custom made play table for special needs children at Children's Hospital.  The table is tailored to the child’s specific reach and range of motion. The movable arm is designed to be able to hug up to the user in order to help support and stabilize as a passive means of physical therapy.  Fabricated completely in house, the table consists of CNC milled plywood profiles for play surfaces, a 3D printed edge band, 3D printed adjustable legs, and 3D printed feet, and flexible bumper cushions to keep oxygen tubes and other equipment from becoming pinched.  For use either on the floor or a hospital bed, the legs are adjustable to cope with uneven surfaces, accommodate the use of support devices, and to grow with the child.  Being able to create a custom solution for a special needs child really is enough to put a smile on your face. 



Honorable Mention, SIT Design Awards

Best of Detail, IIDA Alabama Chapter

Honorable Mention, AIA Birmingham Chapter

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