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The Clubhouse

Think back to your childhood… exploring the woods for the first time.  So much of that experience is about the mystery of what is just around the next bend, the verticality of the trees dwarfing you, and the rays of sun on your skin.  The intent of the clubhouse was to fit in that memory all the while reinterpreting the experience into architectural forms.  At first glimpse, the playhouse is the counterpoint to the landscape.  Its orthogonal form complements the landscape by not daring to compete with it.  One of the mysteries of the playhouse is that the entry is hidden from the approach from the house, forcing you to engage the landscape further.  Once it has been discovered, the entry reveals a rope ladder and a trap door into the play space.  With hatches for battening and an observation deck for engaging the scenic hillside, one is allowed to experience the height and verticality of the woods against the shelter and horizontality of the play space.  The interior takes the verticality of the woods and turns it on its side, figuratively.  The horizontal slats of the play house envelop the interior of the space with rays of light that recall the imagery of those memories of the woods from our childhoods, but in a way that is novel to this one place.


Best of Year, Interior Design Magazine

Merit Award, AIA Gulf States Region

Honor Award, AIA Alabama Chapter

Honor Award, AIA Birmingham Chapter

Long Listed, WAN Award-Small Spaces

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