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Arundel Drive Residence

The Arundel Drive Residence is a 6,845 sq.ft. home located in a traditional suburban neighborhood in Mountain Brook, Alabama.  Designed for a couple of empty nesters, it is created to welcome, entertain, and accommodate large family gatherings in a casual atmosphere.  The home’s aesthetic is derived from the modern influences of their west and east coast upbringings, but rooted in the regional southern culture and form in which they have chosen to live their life together.

Desiring to create a work that is both unique and harmonious, the design process began with an in depth but casual interview.  While listening to and gaining insight into their middle eastern beliefs, we chosen to develop organizational, proportional and atmospheric parameters and datums based on these foundations, allowing the use of light and space to become anchored into this complex system rather than our own design preconceptions and thoughts.  Other influences are fond childhood evenings spent talking around a fire, the journey and adventures of Amir in Khaled Hosseini’s Kite Runner, and an authentic desire to serve others.

Interior Design by Urbanhaus Designs


Muse Silver Design Award, IAA

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