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Sketch Light

When looking for a medium or material for a design, inspiration is often found in the strangest places.  In the case of the Sketch Light, chances are it’s just above your head and out of sight.  Taking 12 gauge hanger wire from its typical home of suspending ceiling grids loaded with fluorescent fixtures and crafting it into a personal table top light fixture, seemed just quirky enough to work.  Hand sculpted, the wire recalls both the elegant lines of art nouveau and the frenetic energy of a conceptual sketch.  The lamp has a custom light housing, simple switch, and chord selected to blend in with the color and lines of the lamp.  Both familiar and foreign simultaneously in its resemblance to other table lamps, its sculptural qualities shift from piece to piece allowing each one to become an improvisation to the question of, “What is a lamp?”… Thus elevating the wire from a simple material choice to an artistic medium for inquiry and expression. 

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