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Introducing the Spare-O: Turning Spare Wood into (Useful) Art

There come a couple of times each year here in the South when summers give up the oppressive heat and the winters thaw. Times when the seasons seem more obliged to us.

bDot asked: “Can something spared from the junk heap reconnect us with ‘Nature’, while altering the urban fabric and restoring us to the courtesies of the past?”

Sometimes the answer is simpler than we think. To celebrate the changing of the seasons and the opening of our doors in invitation to the public, there’s the Spare-O.

As you can see in the above video, the Spare-O is a work of art created from something that formerly had no purpose, no reason for being. After plying our trade with other projects, the refuse – the spare wood – would normally be cast aside, useless.

“What if,” we thought, “something useless can be transformed into something with a purpose?”

It is not often that art has a practical side. Art need not be useful, but if we can serve multiple purposes – if we can create art, make use of materials that formerly had no future, and use this renewed creation for a reason – why wouldn’t we?

And so we created the Spare-O, a door stop made from spare wood at our shop.

Think about your junk heap; there’s something useful and, dare we say, artistic in there.

Take home a Spare-O of your own. BUY

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