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Bus Stop Stool

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.
Hot sun. Humidity. Rain. Wind.
The bus will come…soon.
As time passes…
Discarded wooden crates are dragged down the sidewalk 
Propped up two, three, four high
A place to sit off of the wet, hot, dry, sizzling concrete
Depending on the day
Another group of crates appear…
One, two, three, four…
The concept is contagious.
Across the street, eyes of bDot notice the need
Day after day noting the patterns of behavior
Desiring to do something to alleviate discomfort
Desiring to do something to remove the need for crates
Design…design to meet the noticed need…

We have the capacity to do something
To notice the need…the first step in authentic design
Durable materials…concrete and composite decking
Weathering well the storms and flexing with temperatures
Considering human nature…needing to be heavy,

120 pounds each
Meeting needs while discouraging theft
Thinking… acquiring materials… mixing… waiting…
Quietly carrying across the street
Arranging for the next ones to come
Welcome to a seat as you wait.



Honorable Mention, SIT Design Awards

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